Photos by Fred Fioto of Trees and Sunsets

Early Springtime

The great things about springtime is Easter, Lent, St. Patrick's Day, March Madness, Daylight Savings Time, orange blossoms, wild onions in the fields, the smell of cut grass, and warmer weather. Warmer weather means a more pleasant if not later sunset photo opportunities. It's kind of a toss up between a cold wind in your face and those biting flies or no seeums, Both drive back towards the house, both need to be overcome for a decent sunset photo op.

Looking forward to the start of the Baseball Season. Which could be the last best chance for the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series. The team will be losing several key pieces to their team next year, Cody Allen, Michael Brantley, Andrew Miller, and a few other less significant players will be filing for free agency.

Meanwhile the Cleveland Browns have the #1, #4, #33, #35, # 64, and #65 draft picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. They control the board and should acquire their franchise quarterback and some additional great players. Of course this is not a new thing. When you field a crappy team you end up with good draft picks. And, lets face it, we have had a crappy team for some time now, getting good draft picks and drafting good are two different things. Anyway there's a lot of chatter and media attention on the Browns. If all goes well they should win a game or two next season. They are a much improved team with their free agent signings and draft selections. Of course I have been down this road before.



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