Photos by Fred Fioto of Trees and Sunsets

Let's Play Ball

Tax time, MLB starts the season, NFL draft, what's not to like about April. OK sportswise, the Indians got off to a mediocre start, in first place place in their division but that was more to do with their rivals performance. The American League Central is the works division in baseball. With only one team above 500, the Indians. The Indians have the lowest batting average in baseball to boot. Wow, not the best way to start the season. But then again we're in first place.

Football draft came and went. The Browns drafted Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward, 1 and 4. They could have had their pick of Sequon Barkley, Sam Darnold, Bradley Chubb or Josh Allen. So in a few years we'll be able to really grade this draft.

Income Tax season is over, at least for us. The taxes were pretty easy this year. They are easier when you're not working. Your cash flow is poor but your taxes are easier. Small consolation.

Didn't do a lot of sunsets this month. Did take a lot of photos of birds though, only during the day, oh no, not that! I'm working on a project about Sherman also titled, "My Dog has Spots". It features all the position and places Sherman likes to nap. I never realized their were so many. So we'll see how this plays out. May have to do another Website for just that project.


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Photos of Sunsets with Trees in Port St. Joe, Fl

Photos of sunsets with trees from Port St. Joe, Mexico Beach, Cape San Blas, & Apalachicola