Photos by Fred Fioto of Trees and Sunsets

Hot Hot Hot

July was hot. Too hot for Sherman who normally takes walks with us every other day. He'd walk halfway and then sit down refusing to continue. He was the smart one. So we started leaving him at home while we marched on. He liked that a whole lot better. At first we thought his paws got to hot on the pavement, but we went out walking on a cloudy day , and he still wasn't into it. He loves to walk, just as long as the temperature is about 80 or cooler.


Port St Joe Sunset
Sunset in Gulf County Florida
Sunset with Cape San Blas in the Background
Sunset through trees facingt north

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Photos of Sunsets with Trees in Port St. Joe, Fl

Photos of sunsets with trees from Port St. Joe, Mexico Beach, Cape San Blas, & Apalachicola